The plant equipment and technology of the BELIS Company have a wide range of application in the production of enamelled products. Our transfer and hydraulic presses are designed to shape cookware and other objects into various shapes and sizes. We specialize in tested and tried shapes of pots, saucepots, covers, frying pans, and roasters, well renowned under the brand name of BELIS and SFINX. These stamped hemihedrons are then ready to be attached with components of varying dimensions and specifications as per the wishes and requirements of our customers. Our equipment can then take these half-finished products and apply them with varying colours and enamel surfaces. Colours may range from basic shades to any colour imaginable. The specialty of our production line is the Teflon line that applies a non-stick Teflon surface to a diverse range of items and products. Our production program draws from over a century of experience and focuses on the highest possible quality and a long service life of your product.  


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